May 26, 2015

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Since 2008, this blog has been a wonderful place for me to join our amazing global creative community and share countless artist interviews, news about my creative e-courses and Berlin Art Workshops, open studio sneak peeks, European travels, and even several of my favorite recipes.

However, in an effort to streamline my online presence, I will only be posting future blog updates on my current website at

My art and online business blog is here, you'll find information about my creative e-courses and Berlin Art Workshops, and you can also peek at my collage art portfolio.

Join me on my art + creative business website for all the latest news.

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May 20, 2015

Lovely Participant Artwork Gallery from 30 Days of Collage

Rachel, USA

I'm so proud of our amazing 30 Days of Collage participants! In only 30 days time, our global creative community created loads of wonderful mixed media artwork, and this is just a tiny sampling of what they made.

I hope you enjoy this online gallery tour of beautiful 30 Days of Collage participant artwork, and a special thanks also goes out to our inspiring guest collage artists who contributed daily interviews as well! xo

Andrea, Germany

Cinzia, Italy

Debbie, USA

Gislinde, Germany
Jenny, USA

Claire, USA


Erica, UK

Angela, Saudi Arabia

Lucinda, UK

Elke, France


Joan, USA

Anette, Germany

Kelly, USA

Elise, USA


Lesley, Australia

Miri, USA

Iris, USA/Germany

Melinda, USA

Emily, Australia

Christine, UK

Margarete, Austria

Andrea, Switzerland

Kimberly, UK

Sue, Germany

Sarah, USA

Jenny, Australia


Denyce, UK

Alexandra, USA

Kerstin, Sweden

Karen, USA

Mirela, Germany


Britta, Australia

Kathy, USA

Elena, Germany

Thank you to all of our lovely 30 Days of Collage participants from around the world!

Here's what our recent participants had to say about the course:

"I found your online course to be amazing with the step by step tutorials and prompts as well as the Artist Interviews. So much information and work was done by you and delivered in such an elegant and gentle way. At no time did I feel, as a newbie collager, in any way intimidated. I'm also very pleased that I've now found another way to use all the stash and papers I love to collect. This has given me a completely new way of looking at my surroundings and I've learned to appreciate the grunge as well as the beautiful, where I live."  - Angela, Saudi Arabia

"Thank you very very much Stephanie and the wonderful group - I think I gained access to my creativity again :) I lost the ability to work in a flow - but now it seems that I regained it." - Gislinde, Germany

"Fabulous course that I'm still wading my way through. So much inspiration and wonderment." - Jenny, Australia

"I'm taking 30 Days of Collage with Stephanie Levy. This is my third time taking this class! I really like the collage prompts and the push to do them within 30 days." - Rachel, USA

"I enjoyed the interviews very much this time and found some of the artists very inspiring. I have developed some new ideas about collages and want to work more with old photographs. And I'm very happy that we have access to the material for the rest of the year... and I'm happy that we have this group and I'm very much looking forward to see more of what the other participants are going to share during the next weeks and months and also to share some of my collages." - Andrea, Germany

"I'm so full of ideas... you open a door Stephanie and I'm discovering a world!!" - Cinzia, Italy

"I got so many new ideas from this course and the interviews with the artists are so so content rich with so many links to further artists - I will be coming back to this course all year!" - Britta, Australia

"As a busy mum of two small children I have found it hard to find the time or motivation for creativity. Thanks to Stephanie I now have the motivation! Now to find the time! Although one of my favorite collages was completed in about 5 minutes at the kitchen counter while making dinner. I have loved this course for helping me find my creative side again." - Christine, UK

"There is only one thing wrong with this course - 30 Days passes too fast. I have enjoyed the daily instructions and interviews and will miss them. I have got inspiration for many days to come." - Kerstin, Sweden

"I can't decide what I liked best about this course because it was all amazing! The daily tutorials, the guest artist interviews, the bonus materials, and the caring, supportive environment you've fostered here have been a gift. 30 Days of Collage has gone by quickly, but I feel my own creative journey's just begun! Thank you Stephanie!" - Claire, USA

"Ever since I saw your collage work in the Masters of Collage book, I was hooked. Just love, love, love your work. So beautiful. Thank you for your interview and for the class. A fabulous class just packed (and I mean packed) with tons of valuable information. A truly rewarding 30 days ... and beyond!" - Karen, USA

"This has been such a fabulous course. I haven't begun to digest it all and plan to post as I complete more of the lessons. You are an amazing teacher, so, so happy you offer these amazing courses and introduce us to so many wonderful collage artists. I can't thank you enough!" - Lisa, USA

" 'And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.'  (-Anais Nin) Every single course I participate in with Stephanie makes me discover and explore creative petals of mine that I didn't know of before. In my early stages of creating collages, 20 years ago, as a teenager, I mostly put together snippets of found pages and added a bit of text against a non-white background. For me, that already felt pretty adventurous. Now I feel like being on a journey where my creations become more and more mixed media pieces. In my opinion, taking part in Stephanie's live courses in Berlin, after having taken her online collage courses was beyond inspiring! The effect of creating together with like-minded women from all over the world, sharing the same studio space and talking it all over while having delicious meals was beyond my imagination. A colorful field of potential is ready to be walked and savored during the next few weeks, months, and coming years. Looking forward to my next harvest of blossoms and to yours as well!" Elke, France

"Stephanie Levy has put together a fabulous course with an amazing volume of content. 30 daily tutorials, 30 interviews with collage artists, a private Facebook group for sharing, support, and inspiration, and online presence via Facebook and Instagram. The interviews with collage artists have introduced me to so many different artists and styles of collage. Each artist also linked to some of their favourite artists and websites, and I haven't caught up with all of them yet... I feel like I am overflowing with ideas, inspiration, and energy. I'm not sure what my style is yet, but I can kind of see it will develop if I just keep going and that's exactly what I plan to do. I still have access to the course materials for the rest of the year. I have a stash of collage fodder that is ever increasing and I'm enjoy the process of collecting, cutting, arranging, and glueing more than ever!" - Emily, Australia 


Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork and kind words. 30 Days of Collage is always a joy to lead, and I love our online international creative community!

All my best + greetings from Berlin,


p.s. - 30 Days of Collage is now available as an instant access online course! Be sure to sign up for my creative newsletter to get news about my upcoming courses and workshops too.

30 Days of Collage Adventures

For the past 30 days, we've been on a glorious creative collage adventure.
It's been great fun, and we experimented with viewing our collages in unusual places...
for example, out and about in the big, beautiful city of Berlin!
We also made collages using vintage book pages, photographs, and maps
as well as collages with bits of text and sewn elements
and collages with hand drawn images on semi-transparent papers too!

It's been a lovely month of creating and the best news is...

30 Days of Collage is now available for you as an instant access e-course!

When you sign up, you'll receive course log in information within 24 hours with access to all 30 collage tutorials and 30 guest artist interviews.

Sound like fun? Join me here for an inspiring 30 Days of Collage featuring 30 step by step tutorials, 30 guest artist interviews, and a fantastic, friendly, and active group of creatives from around the world.

Happy greetings from Berlin,



p.s.- Coming up - a sneak peek of our participant collage work!


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